Meccanica 2P: the perfect balance
between mechanics and electronics.

Meccanica 2P designs and manufactures machines and automated systems for the global heavy clay industry. The company manufactures its own plant and machinery starting with the careful analysis of each individual commission and, from a careful planning basis, provides solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of each customer.


    • dies and cutters for roof tiles, blocks and hollow bricks, flat roof tiles, bricks, wall and floor finishes, ventilated wall finishes
    • automated systems to handle and pack dried and cooked products
    • production systems for roof tiles
    • manufacture of plants for bricks

    • visit the customer to assemble all technical data required for the design and manufacture of the machinery.
    • machinery design.
    Production and quality control
    • in-house production and assembly of machinery.
    • A dry test run is always carried out on the machinery at the factory, which enables the product to be tested before being delivered to the customer.
    Pre and post-sales assistance

    The company also takes responsibility for the shipment of the goods and guarantees the customer a reliable after-sales service: machinery assembly, commissioning and testing at the customer's premises, supply of spare parts, servicing and maintenance.