Meccanica 2P: the value of a reputation built
one brick after another.

The company has been operating for more than 30 years in the design and manufacture of machinery and automated systems for the clay brick industry. It has gained extensive experience, a different market perspective and a solid know-how that it used to the benefit of its customers.

The company prides itself on the care with which the staff at Meccanica 2P accompanies the client in every stage of the work: from design to production, from installation to after-sales assistance, providing highly customised products to meet the exact needs of each client.


Some history...

The "craftsmanship" care and attention, made possible by the harmony of a small-scale company, has resulted in Meccanica 2P being recognised and applauded both in Italy and abroad.

The respect earned due to the quality of its products supplied to customers in over 30 years of activity makes the Meccanica 2P brand a constant and solid reference point for any company that wants to invest intelligently. That is how the reputation of our company has been built, one brick at a time.


    A territory like a vast laboratory of ideas.

    The company is located in the main area for roof tile production: Possagno, the home town of Canova. The landscape is characterised by the large presence of kilns, which have evolved from family workshops to become the global reference point for roof tile production.

    It is in this framework that the founder of Meccanica 2P, Pasquale Sartor, by working closely with the kiln owners succeeded in creating a machine which revolutionised the production of roof tiles: the flying saw cutter. This is an electromechanical machine that, by means of a series of cams and levers, the famous ''Possagno Roof Tile'' is produced by a continuous cutting of the clay block.

    Since then there has been a close collaboration between Meccanica 2P and the kiln owners, which has resulted in continuous improvements both in the machines and the finished product. The work by Sartor was soon extended to different stages of the production cycle, from the first systems for roof tiles, to an increasingly wide range of cutters and system parts.

    Over the years, the construction techniques of the cutters and plants together with their technology have been revolutionised to use robotics. Even though guided by a progressive vision, Meccanica 2P has however been able to maintain that spirit of craftsmanship excellence that remains the soul of the company.

    Still today the customer remains at the centre of the project, with his suggestions and requests, and the primary goal of Meccanica 2P is to better respond to each customer by offering a highly personalised custom-made product.